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Icon Set Design

Lendela Ltd.

Desired outcome
The client wanted to refresh their icon set to match their new brand book

Adobe Illustrator

Look & Feel
Icon Keywords
Apply, Mobile Phone, Compare, Choose / Select, Get Money, Bank / Lender, Loan Offer, Fast, Free of charge, Max. amount, Secure / Certified, No obligations

Flat style with gradients
Fonts, colors etc. according to the brand guide

Ideation & First Steps
As with majority of projects, I started the design process with with pen and paper. From there I continued to create the icons in a flat style on an icon grid. Some icons were pretty abstract so I sourced ideas and reference pictures online.

Example of an icon created in flat style on an icon grid.

Creating the Icon Set

The icons were created using Adobe Illustrator. After I was happy with the flat designs I applied the gradients.

Example of an icon with gradients applied.

Some of the icons needed further adjusting to better represent the meaning. Some icons were thus recreated or adjusted.
The icon representing "no obligation" was totally recreated based on the client feedback:

First and second version of the "no obligations" icon.

Final outcome
The final outcome was a set of ten banking related icons. The icons can be used both on web and print based media.

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